Are baby heartbeat listening devices safe to use?

Fetal Doppler Safety
Fetal heart monitors or baby listening devices allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat when you’re pregnant and are loads of fun. The question is, are they safe? 

While we are not aware of any evidence that suggests a Fetal Doppler can harm your baby (please consult your doctor if you are concerned), there are some very real risks you should be aware of before purchasing one if these amazing devices. 

  • At home fetal dopplers are not a medical device. DO NOT rely on them for peace of mind. Heart rate monitors can provide a false sense of security as there is a chance you can pick up your own heart rate or other sounds that are not your baby. If at anytime you feel something is wrong or off, do not use your listening device, instead, go to a doctor
  • As you may be starting to feel, your baby really likes to move around! It's a guarantee there will be times when you will not be able to find the heartbeat. Even if your baby is fine, not being able to find it will cause unnecessary stress and worry.  Please keep this in mind when using it, and remember go to a doctor anytime you suspect there is something wrong! Trust your instincts!

In summary, a baby listening device needs to be considered as a tool to get to know your baby better! It is not a medical device and should not be used as such! Enjoy that little one and be safe!